Paintings – Original Acrylic & Oil

Each painting is uniquely crafted by Karen. Reproductions of Sold pieces are available as high quality prints, upon request. Email Karen for a one of a kind commissioned piece.

Each unique rock is hand painted. The shape of the rock often inspires the picture depicted. Reproductions are available upon request, but please note the exact shapes and sizes of each rock will vary. Also note, some rocks have been cut to stand on their own, others have remained in a natural shape to fulfill the vision. (Display easels will be provided if needed)

Book A Live Painting Session

Have Karen Bonday at your next event, capturing a moment in real time with the stroke of a brush. Imagine your guests watching a live painting in progress during your special occasion. This is a wonderful gift idea for a wedding, anniversary, baby shower and more.

Below you on the left is a live painting in progress, on the right is the finished product.

Karen Bonday Live Painting
Live Painting - Karen Bonday Art

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